Home Remedies for Ear Pain infections

Healthy tips: Ear pain is a common health problem especially among children. The main cause of ear pain is the pressure in the eutachian tube. In this pressure can be caused due to ear infection Called otitis or may be a side effect of throat disease, headache Etc. It can be caused due to growth of ear wax, which leads to bacterial growth.

  • Grind some basil grass and put two drops of the juice in both ear.
  • The best home remedies of ear pain is to put garlic juice. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties and thus, also treats the disease.
  • Dip a small piece of cotton in harsh. Then put it on the ear.
  • For constant nuisance chew on a chewing gum. This opens the barrier of the eutachian tube. 
  • Warm some tender mango leaves and squeeze it well. Put the extract in your ear. 
  • Heat some sesame oil and heat it with half clove of garlic. Then cool it off and apply this oil to the ear. This home remedy for ear pain is too useful to treat the cause.
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