Three healthy risk caused by sitting for a long time

Healthy tips: The expanded boom in the IT industry, unemployment and low salary seems to be talks of history. Earlier New York in United States and Bangalore in India were known as IT hubs but now the production has mushroomed all across. But do you know that after all the effort you are still open to fitness risks? Sitting health risks is the major cause of concern with people who spend extended hours in front of the computer. 

Some of the sitting health risks :

  1. Diabetes  :  One of the major health risk of sitting is the incidence of the slow killer Diabetes. The accurate source of insulin and the burning of the fatty acids depend on the proper isometric reduction. This isometric contraction stops after prolonged hours of sitting. The constant occurrence of this can lead to extreme glucose and fat content which thus leads to Diabetes. The most horrible is that while our isometric reduction has stopped we keep mulching on junk food which makes the situation even bad.
  2. Heart Diseases : Stretched sitting causes the health risk with poor blood flow. Lack of movement, leads to slow heart rate and blood transmission.  Improper blood circulation means less blood supply to the heart and thus, less blood flow to the rest of the body. Low heart rate means that the heart is not pumping accurately, which is goes on for a long time, leads to weak heart and at last heart stroke. Heart attack is one of the major health risk of sitting, and also the major reason for rising humanity rate among IT employees.
  3. Back Pain : Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by professions working on computers. This will happens due to cramping of the hip flexors and hamstrings. The hip flexors, extend from upper leg to the hip and the lower back. The steady cramping of this vein can cause harsh back pain and leg pain. The work of these valves is blood flow to a certain direction.
    Now, most of us work with on laptops and computers. If you have noticed most of the time we have our neck bend and our eyes stressed on the screen. This is poor attitude for the body and continues poor posture puts excessive strain on the shoulders, back muscles, neck and hand.

These are the Three healthy risk caused by sitting for a long time. According to a study, prolonged sitting is also one of the major reasons for high mortality rate, especially among women.

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