Breast Augmentation Keller Funnel Breaking New Ground

The Keller Funnel, an innovative breast augmentation tool, was profiled at the 27th Annual Breast Surgery Symposium sponsored by Southeastern Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (SESPRS) in Atlanta, Georgia this month.

The meeting entitled "Breaking New Ground" attracted more than 400 plastic surgeons wanting to achieve an understanding of the latest trends in breast augmentation.

What is Keller Funnel?

Launched in September of 2009, the Keller Funnel is manufactured and distributed by Keller Medical. It is designed to address the challenges associated with delivering a pre-filled gel implant through a small surgical incision. The device provides an elegant, no-touch way to insert a silicone implant.

The use of a Keller Funnel makes the delivery process easier for surgeons and the outcome gentler for patients.

The Keller Funnel is cone shaped and made of nylon, with hydrophilic coating inside that makes the funnel extremely lubricious when submerged in a saline or sterile solution.

During breast augmentation surgery, the cosmetic surgeon first places the implant inside the funnel and then positions its small distal end into the prepared breast pocket. Using a pushing/squeezing motion the surgeon then easily propels the implant into place.

Both smooth and textured implants up to 800cc can be used successfully with the Keller Funnel.

Early Experience with Funnel Technique for Gel Implant Insertion

Surgeons experienced in using the Keller Funnel report that the device decreases surgery time and physician fatigue; limits local stress on implant shell which may lead to rupture; reduces incision lengths; and lessens trauma to patient tissue.

At the Atlanta meeting, plastic surgeon and SESPRS President, James C. Grotting, discussed the Keller Funnel in his presentation entitled Early Experience with Funnel Technique for Gel Implant Insertion where he stated that the medical device provided a simple, elegant and better way to insert a silicone implant. Grotting based his findings on observations of 12 patient cases where he was able to employ a no-touch technique, shorten incision lengths and decrease the length of time necessary to complete the surgery.

More than 650 U.S. surgeons have adopted the funnel for silicone gel implant procedures.

In November, Keller Medical was granted a device license to distribute the Keller Funnel in Canada adding to its active international markets which include Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. The company is awaiting its CE Mark and plans to distribute the Funnel in the EU later this year.

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