Heart Problems Now Related To Television study finds

Healthy tips : Too much television is terrible for eyesight. A true line you would hear in every household where there are kids.

 The children who are prone to watching television for a more number of times continuously during the day will not only have eyesight trouble but heart problems too.

Television in homes for kids should be functional at a certain time limit so that they do not overdo it and be a victim of these cases of diseases which is diffusion in the world like wild fire.

According to a new study, it is said that television is one of the causes of heart problems and disease in kids other than various deformities and genetic disorders.

It is not only the television which is the main goal for kids, computers too are also at a higher risk in increases of heart problems and premature death no topic how much exercise one can get himself into.

A study which was conducted newly on people who spend more than four hours a day on a screen based free time like that of television, computer , video games etc is more viable to living a short life as they will be more likely to have various problems which will involve death from hospitalization. 

The extended sitting is also another reason for the risk of heart problems.

So, next time when you sit in front of a television or any other form of screen, keep in mind to save yourself form various types of heart problems.

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