Home Remedies For fast Tooth ache relief

Toothache is a regular problem and the pain which happen is normally in the nerve connecting the teeth or gum diseases. Swellings of the gum or bacterial illness in the cavity are some of the other reasons for toothache. At the time of crisis you can also use home remedies for toothache for swift relief without side effects.

  • Place a tiny piece of garlic clove on the teeth which is paining. This may cures the pain within few minutes. Garlic has anti bacterial properties thus it kills the bacteria’s and cures the pain. Garlic preserve to cure swollen gums.
  • One of the oldest home remedies for toothache is the apply clove oil. This is proved to treat toothache almost directly. In case of cavity, you can wipe some cotton in clove oil and place it on the area. In case of swollen gum, just massage the area with clove oil.
  • Hing or Asafoetida is an excellent agent to cure dental pain. Just placed little powder in the cavity and you will soon be relieved of the pain.
  • Crush little onion and place it on the tooth. Onion has like ginger has anti-bacterial properties and thus cures the pain and treats the basis.
  • Mix a few crushed black pepper with salt and place it on the decay area. This home remedies for toothache and at the same time relief you of bleeding gum and bad breath.

Use these some home remedies for toothache for fast relief but as it is said prevention is better than cure. To avoid toothache one requirements to follow dental care. Brush your teeth twice a day and keep calcium intake. Diet plays an important role in dental care.

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