Importance of Vitamin D to womens

Experts says, women need to get enough vitamin D, an necessary vitamin that helps the body absorb calcium and may decrease the risk of some diseases.

More and more studies are showing how important vitamin D is helps to women's health and women need to make sure they are receiving enough of this essential vitamin.

Importance of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D promotes the body's absorption of calcium, a mineral that helps to keep bones and teeth strong. 

Vitamin D also regulates the body's calcium levels in the blood, as well as levels of the mineral phosphorus, which also helps to healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin D deficiency can be serious, causing bones to decline and weaken. In adults, a vitamin D deficit can lead to the bone condition osteoporosis and, in children, it can cause rickets soft and weak bones.

Some studies have suggested that vitamin D may have many other valuable effects, such as boosting the immune system. 

Studies have shown that vitamin D in sufficient levels can help boost the immune system and possibly reduce the risk of getting some cancers and autoimmune diseases.
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