Keep Couples Fights Fair

On an average, couples fight 312 times a year, and most often over trivial matters, according to a new study.

Petty fights are often a manifestation of more serious underlying differences over money, sex, parenting and extended family; but are still harmless, even good for a relationship, as they connect couples, gets issues on the table, help couples communicate more effectively and be more intimate.

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein tells CBS that men and women fight differently.

"Men are problem solvers. They want to jump in solve the problem and make it happen. Women really want someone to recognize that they feel about something and recognize their emotions and then get to the problem solving, which often leads to the problem."

Jennifer says the important thing for couples is to keep their squabbles civil and not hit below the belt. She also provides some helpful tips.

Tips to Resolve Couple Fights

Clarify what you are fighting about.
Take Ownership
Validate Feelings of the other person.
Be Respectful

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