Kind of Sex Do Brits Love

A nation-wide survey of sex life was recently published in Britain’s Psychological Science journal. The survey made it clear once again that Brits are far from being as prissy as some people are inclined to think. So, what forms of sex do Brits love?

Several thousand adults involved were asked to fill in a questionnaire. Having analyzed the detailed answers boffins concluded that the residents of the UK are well versed in the art of sex.

The psychologists found that Britishers:

  1. make love more than 6,5 thousand times during their lifetime;
  2. almost 14 million Brits (35%) are fond of sex in public places;
  3. 50% use various devices and toys bought in a sex-shop on a regular basis;
  4. nearly 30% admit to watching porno flicks;
  5. a third of British citizens over 70 still enjoy sexual pleasures of various intensity;
  6. more than 10% of Brits confessed that they had sex with people whom they came to know through social sites.

The researchers stressed the facts that about 10% of Brits make love in the office, whereas 46% are fond of exchanging phone messages of lewd nature.

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