Simple workouts to reduce stomach fat

Healthy tips: One of the side effects of working on computer 24x7 is build stomach fat, which goes against the style of course. The main two reasons are junk food diet and require of exercise.

No exercise means, no calorie burning, which thus, leads to stomach fat, which also widens your waist stripe.

Unnecessary calorie intake and no exercise can prospect be the cause of diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

  1. Reverse Crunches :  Crunches have always been known to be the best exercise to decrease stomach fat. Reverse crunches is an improved version of the exercise, fr better work out. Lie on the floor, with your lap raised to 90 degrees and hands resting on the flood with palms down. Then use your abs to fetch your legs upto your head. The workout should be slow movement. Do not force your body but try harder.
  2. Bicycle Pumps  : Lie down on the floor and then raise your left leg to 90 degree. Try to touch your right elbow to the left leg. Then without resting the left leg on the floor, lift up your right leg and touch it with your left elbow. This is an outstanding exercise. It keeps your body in pressure which enhances calorie burning process.
  3. Abdominal Scissors : Lie down on the floor, with your hand raised above your head and your legs raised at 90 degree. Then bring your shoulders up the floor and push your hand forwards and your legs hip off the ground towards the head. This will shape a scissor. This exercise to decrease stomach fat also works wonders on abdominal fat.
  4. Crunches : There are different forms of exercises to reduce stomach fat but the more regressive it is, the more effective it will be. Lie down on a thin raised wooden plank. The plank must be just enough to support your back. Inactive on this plank, touch your temples with your finger and lift your self to touch your legs.
These four workouts to reduce stomach fat, works should be done only after four hours of meal and if possible in the morning. With regular practice, you are sure to exhibit a flat belly within months.

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