Symptoms and home remedies for Stomach illness

Stomach infection is the common problem and also the most unattended in India. It is also called bacterial illness.

It is basically the irritation of the stomach, intestines or both. This irritation is caused due to bacterial attack. The main cause of the infection is digestive disorder.

Symptoms of stomach illness:

  1. Stomach Pain. It pains more around the naval.
  2. Vomiting tendency.
  3. Loss of hunger.
  4. Bloody stool.

Home remedies for Stomach Infection :

  1. Twice a day one must consume firmed poppy seeds. This cools off the heat of the stomach and also restores the digestive system.
  2. Curry made of green gram and horse gram is the yet an additional widely followed home remedy for stomach infection.
  3. To make correct digestion, intake of garlic and ginger juice is one of the best solution. Both these agents have anti bacterial properties and thus, help to killing the stomach bacterias.
  4. A glass of warm water with a big spoon of honey will not only improve the digestive system but also increases the resistance.
  5. Taking a dose of asfotida everyday in the morning with water in clear stomach helps in killing the stomach germs.

Follow these home remedies for stomach infection for sudden cure. 

While suffering from this disease, make sure you avoid the eating of food which is difficult to digest, like milk, pulses, flour etc.

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