US Pregnant Women Stuffed with Harmful Chemicals

It has been discovered that the majority of pregnant women in the US have a number of dangerous chemicals stored in their bodies, including toxic compounds, cancer-causing substances, and stuff that has been banned for decades.

Scientists from the University of California examined pregnant women for the residues of 163 chemicals that are often used in manufacturing various household products and identified 43 of those in practically every woman under examination.

The blood and urine of nearly all of the women involved carried traces of perilous chemicals such as organochlorine pesticides, cancer-inducing polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, perchlorate and phthalates, that found their way into human bodies from detergents, cosmetics, plastic bottles, toys, vinyl floors, and many other products generally found in every home.

The researchers were stunned to come across traces of a pesticide named PBDEs in spite of the fact that its use had been proscribed in the country since 1972.

The study that appeared in a recent issue of the Environmental Health Perspectives doesn’t proceed to analyze the possible effects of those compounds on the development of fetuses, but several earlier researches showed that the residues of those chemicals can infiltrate through the placenta into the fetus.

The research team accentuated that it’s a matter of concern since a high level of harmful elements can influence the brain development of the fetus adversely and interfere with the future fertility of the child. Furthermore, a combination of the studied residues may cause formation of unidentified toxic substances that will affect the development of the fetus and later deteriorate the health of the baby.

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