Appear Sexy

Scientists affirm that having your head poised right will get your attractiveness to the opposite sex quite a few notches up – a simple expedience whose effectiveness is well proved by tests.

We are indebted for this excellent advice to Australian researchers from the University of Newcastle who were conducting an investigation into human facial features in an attempt to get a clearer definition of what makes a face look more masculine or feminine.

Lead researcher Dr. Darren Burke said they wanted to fill in gaps in what he described as “human facial attractiveness from an evolutionary perspective.” According to him, the angle at which we tilt our faces can enhance or diminish the effect we produce on the opposite sex.

The Australian boffins generated 3D faces on the computer and asked for people’s impression of the faces they saw as they changed the tilt.

Women’s faces were considered to be more alluring when bent forward at a certain angle; with men a backward tilt was found to play up their attractiveness.

This phenomenon can be explained by a difference in height between men and women.

“Looking at the face from different perspectives as a result of the height differential,” comments Dr. Burke, “influenced perceived masculinity or femininity”.

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