Artificial Ovary Created

American scientists have created a functioning artificial ovary which, according to their data, became the first three-dimensional tissue structure with three cellular lines of different types to have ever been created.

In order to create the ovary, the researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island primarily formed “honeycombs” from donor thecal ovary cells. When these cells grew to reach the required shape, granular cells and oocytes (immature female gametes) were inserted in the created “cells”. In such a way, the artificial organ got the structure analogous to a real ovary.

In the course of the experiment, the artificial ovary proved able to secure full maturing of the ovules so that they were ready for impregnation which showed its complete functionality.

According to the creators Sandra Carson and Steven Krotz, their invention is not aimed at being implanted into a woman’s organism. The scientists’ purpose is to use it for studying the normal work of ovaries and their functioning under the influence of various outer factors. In future, the artificial organ will be possibly applied to preserve the ovules of the women experiencing radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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