British Women to Have Abortions at Home

British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), providing services on pregnancy abortion questions the local law about abortions. According to the BPAS experts’ opinion, the regulations of this law (adopted in 1967) should allow women to have abortions at home, and not in hospital.

The corresponding law should be applied to early abortions (during the first nine weeks) which are conducted with the help of medicines, as BPAS claims. In 2009, there were 69,000 such abortions in Great Britain. 55,000 abortions per year fall to the share of BPAS, The Independent informs.

According to the legislation in force, a woman who is on the early stage of her pregnancy and willing to have a medicinal abortion should attend hospital twice to get her pills. The first portion of drugs blockades the production of hormones connected with pregnancy, and the second one provokes an abortion.

However, BPAS believes that women are to be provided with two medicines simultaneously as well as with clear instructions on how to take them. The representatives of the organization are sure that lack of necessity to visit the hospital one more time is better for a woman’s health and psychological state. But the government objects to such interpretation of the law. According to the experts from the Health Protection Agency, the law adopted in 1967 means that the woman should take both pills for a medicinal abortion on the territory of a medical institution. The decision on this issue will be made by the Supreme Court of the UK.

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