Flu Vaccine Dangerous to Kids’ Health

The dispute about the safety of children’s vaccination has recently reached its climax – more and more parents refuse to have their kids vaccinated. Finnish experts have decided to clarify whether it is right or wrong by studying the chance of developing narcolepsy among children who have been vaccinated against flu.

Narcolepsy is a complicated disease of the central neural system which practically does not yield to any treatment. It is characterized by languor and sudden falling asleep. But it is not all: the person suffering from this illness is subjected to hallucinations and complete or partial loss of muscular tone.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland has published the results of the study which show evident connection between vaccination and the development of narcolepsy in children’s age. According to the researchers’ words, all children and teenagers, vaccinated against the flu with Pandremrix, were in the high-risk group.

More than 31 million draughts of this vaccine have been imported into 47 countries. 162 cases of side effects and development of narcolepsy among vaccinated people have been officially admitted.

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