Make IVF More Effective

It was revealed during the experiment, conducted among Israeli patients in the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF), that a 15-minute encounter with a professional “medical clown” increased the chances of getting pregnant up to 36%, compared with the women who did not meet the clown.

The essence of the experiment was in the fact that a professional “medical clown” spent half an hour in the patients’ wards after the placing of the embryo into the uterus. The main purpose of this visit was to reduce the patient’s stress.

It had been earlier reported that a nerve-point massage, aimed at reducing stress during the placement of the embryo into a woman’s uterus, doubled the chances of getting pregnant. Scientists believe that the more relaxed a woman is during the placement of the embryo in the uterus, the greater the likelihood is that it will consolidate and begin growing.

In addition, as in any study, there is a possibility that the result is a pure coincidence. Nevertheless, it is worth trying. The clowns are not intrusive and do no harm. As for the people, suffering from infertility, they will have one more reason to smile and forget about the problem.

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