Pregnant Woman May Oversleep the Delivery Day

A pregnant English woman, Nathalie Hoyland, is worried that she might oversleep the delivery day of her own child. As reported by Daily Mail, the resident of England suffers from a rare ailment called Klein-Levin syndrome which enables a human being to sleep for a month or longer.

The first attack of the disease appeared when Nathalie was 17 years old. She felt tired at work and sat down to have a rest. Just a couple of minutes later she was soundly sleeping in her chair. All her colleagues’ attempts to wake Natalie were in vain. During her lifetime, Nathalie Hoyland has already overslept a few of their birthdays and her friends’ weddings, as well as many months of work. In the intervals of wakefulness, the girl feels good, except for the periods of physical collapse and confusion of consciousness.

Now the Englishwoman has been pregnant for six months and feels extremely worried that she might oversleep the most significant moments in her life. The girl admits that she cannot help thinking she loses a lot of great moments and sensations during her pregnancy. But what terrifies her most of all is the fact that another attack may happen to her after giving birth.

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