Butt Workout Best Exercises for Women

Beautiful buttocks are among men’s favorite parameters of female attractiveness. However, this group of muscles has a special feature – it constantly has to be kept in good shape. What should you do if you do not have time to visit some fitness-club?

Geniusbeauty.com will show three simple exercises that can help you easily gain brilliant shape not even going out! This will require 10-15 minutes 3 times a week, a positive mood, and systematic doing of the following exercises.

Butt exercise 1: Squats

Starting position: You are standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, the chest is expanded, the arms are stretched forward, and the shoulders are drawn back.

Exercise: bend your knees, pushing your pelvis back as if you want to sit on a chair. The body should slightly lean forward, with the back straight. Then you return to the starting position.

Tips on How to Do Exercise 1 The Most Effective Way

  • Do not lower your buttocks more than your knees. They should be parallel to the floor in the lowest point of the thigh.
  • Keep your heels on the floor.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Squat slowly.

Gluteus maximus, front and back muscles of the thigh operate well while doing this exercise.

Butt Exercise 2: Lunges

Starting position: You are standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, the right leg is moved back, and the arms are stretched forward.

Exercise: Bend your left leg, the right leg moves back into the lunge position. The foothold of the right leg is on the toe. The hands are on the left knee –the weight of the body is also transferred onto the left leg. Then you slowly return the right leg to the starting position. Change legs. Do 10 lunges on each leg.

Tips on How to Do Exercise 2 The Most Effective Way

  • Keep the body and back straight.
  • The knee of the moved back foot should almost touch the floor.
  • You can use dumbbells. Then, while doing the exercise, the hands with dumbbells are down and held at your sides.

The following muscles are involved: small buttock muscles, the front surface of the thigh and of the shin.

Butt Exercise 3: Lifting

Starting position: Lying on the floor put your arms at your sides, with the feet shoulder-width apart. The knees are bent, and the feet are on the floor.

Exercise: Raise your pelvis up slowly with the body resting on the shoulders and feet. The body should form one line with the front of the thigh. Then you slowly return to the starting position.

Tip on How to Do Exercise 3 The Most Effective Way

  • Do not relax the muscles of the buttocks.
  • Do the exercise as slowly as possible.
  • Being at the top, start bringing the knees together.

This exercise engages the muscles of buttocks and the front of the thigh.

Butt Exercises Video

Here’s a video showing these and some other effective butt exercises for women:

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