Fat Dolls Prevent Excess Weight in Girls

Dutch scientists have come to a curious conclusion: girls’ appetite turns out to depend on what dolls they play with.
As a matter of fact, psychologists have always known that the idea how a woman should look, the idea of her appearance, her figure and weight is formed in her childhood. This process begins at the age of 3 or 4 years and is already complete by the age of 10. Thus, toys (along with the media and the attitude of surrounding people) actively develop the younger girls‘ concern about their own appearance and figure. The authoritative Science journal studies this issue in the news review.

The scientists decided to check how different dolls affect the girls’ appetite. During the experiment which involved 120 girls the psychologists asked them to play with dolls of different body types: those of slim, medium, and “plump” constitution. Then the children were seated at the table and offered to eat.

The authors of the experiment thought that the girls who had been playing with thin dolls would eat worst, but the result was completely different. The group who had got the dolls with medium constitution turned out to eat best. But, according to the Science journal, the dolls with evident “obesity” definitely suppressed the girls’ appetite.

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