Foods Avoid during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when so many things in life will have to change. Eating habits is arguably the most important item in the list of changes, but while some food reservations are obvious, other foods one had better avoid are not. So, the question of what foods to give up and why requires a serious consideration.

For example, foods like soft kinds of cheese can bring on listeriosis, a dangerous infection caused by the listeria monocyotogenes bacterium that can be found in cheeses. During pregnancy this infection is particularly noxious and leads to various detrimental complications – it is likely to cause miscarriage, premature labor or stillbirth. Even if the birth has gone off successfully, there’s a chance of your baby developing septicemia, meningitis or pneumonia.

Therefore some eating tips are in order.

  1. Drink only pasteurized milk. All foods prepared with unpasteurized milk should be avoided.
  2. Soft cheeses that are definitely unsafe include Camembert, brie, feta, blue-veined cheeses, many Mexican cheeses (queso blanco fresco, for one). Semi-soft cheeses of the mozzarella type, pasteurized cheeses, various spreads, cream cheese, cottage cheese and all kinds of hard cheeses are all right.
  3. If you hunger for luncheon meats, hot dogs and the like, heat them up well, make them steam.
  4. Smoked seafood is better off the table, unless a little in cooked entrées.

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