Get Ready for Two Babies-Twins

Two hearts are better than one, twins mean twice the joy, but does it also mean twice the trouble? Not quite, but still there are some helpful tips to smooth your way through the birth and the subsequent months of child care.

While not exactly by two, there is going to be much more worry and scurry, so first of all don’t neglect rest. In fact, get as much of it as you can, that will make for a healthier pregnancy and help you brace yourself for what is coming. It may be a while before you get proper rest, running yourself and even a nanny off your feet round the clock. So relax and let’s get down to discussing some practical points.

  1. Twins may want to see the light before the due time, so it’s a good idea to start buying baby clothes and diapers well in advance. Besides, you won’t have to bring in a great bundle of clothes at the last minute paying off a thick wad.
  2. Another item you won’t want to purchase too late is a double stroller. See that it is sturdy to last longer when your twins get heavier and bear in mind that a tandem-type stroller may be better to negotiate doorways and narrow passages. Check whether it will hold the car seats.
  3. Don’t buy everything in twos automatically, think what items can suffice by one. It may be a bouncy seat or a swing where your twins can take turns having fun, then staying away and then mounting them again making the pleasure fresher. At first twins may also do fine using one crib.
  4. Breastfeeding will require a breast pump – and a good one, since it’s going to be in constant use. Choose the best double pump you can find; even if you mean to do without one, there will be times when it will stand you in good stead and enable to get help with feeding.
  5. During the first several months you will be surely needing assistance at a short notice. A relative, a teenager next door whom you know well, a nurse for short spells to provide you coverage so you can get a shut-eye – even a short one will take you a long way!
  6. Warn your pediatrician that you may need more of his or her service starting from the birth on through the hospital. When you have multiple babies chances that they arrive prematurely are higher and they’re liable to stay longer in the hospital than singles – some pediatrician care may be in the order.

And one more thing to prepare is yourself. Expecting is all right, but when the happy parents are actually holding their newborn twins, they usually run through all kinds of strong emotions, so be ready for short spells of shock and fear lest you fail to cope. They are quite natural feelings that will come and go, leaving behind only love that has come to stay and take you through the first strenuous days until you get into the stride.

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