Stillbirth Causes

Today, people often ask themselves why, despite all the advances in modern medicine, so many babies are born dead. Every day in the UK 10 babies are stillborn, and it’s almost 4,000 children a year.

Scientists argue that stillbirth causes are in a combination of different factors, such as insufficient research funding, ignorance among mothers and midwives, the increase of a number of women with major risk factors, such as obesity, late pregnancy or diabetes. Scientists believe that in most cases, stillbirths could be avoided.

One of the well-known stillbirth risk factors is overweight. According to the statistics, a quarter of the women whose child was stillborn or died within the first 28 days after birth, were obese.

Other risk factors include smoking, diabetes, pregnancy after 40, as well as multiple pregnancy. Stillbirth causes also include pre- and post-delivery bleeding, congenital anomalies, preeclampsia and various infections, such as, for example, streptococcus group B.

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