Streptococcus Is Killing Pregnant Women

“Harmless” Group A streptococcal infection is killing pregnant women. Doctors are concerned that a growing number of women die during pregnancy or shortly after the birth of a baby from a seemingly innocuous infection.

Death rates from Group A streptococcal infection, which is usually accompanied by only a pain in the throat, have risen by almost a 1/3 since 2005. Doctors claim that fatal cases can be prevented if the virus is diagnosed early. It can be treated with antibiotics.

This virus is quite prevalent among children. Most often it occurs in winter and usually leads to mild sore throat or skin infections. However, pregnant women or those who have recently given birth to a child can be quite vulnerable to a severe form of this infection, which can be fatal.

Scientists call for doctors to be more attentive to the initial symptoms of the infection. They also recommend that women be vigilant, as many do not realize that they are in critical condition and therefore do not seek help.

Streptococcal infection can be transmitted through close contact with children. All who have died from the infection have had small children or worked with them. Some of them have lost a mother or their family members recently, had chickenpox or sore throat and respiratory tract infections.

Doctors advise pregnant women to wash their hands more frequently, especially after visiting public places (transport, a department store, etc.).

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