Ultrasound before Abortion

In the State of Texas, USA, women will be obliged to familiarize with the obtained ultrasound image of the fetus before an abortion. Such law was passed by the House of Representatives of the State on March 3.

According to the law, the woman will have to undergo ultrasound examination 1-3 days before the abortion. Afterwards, the doctor will show the pregnant woman the resulting images, comment on them, and let the woman listen to the heartbeat of the fetus, if the time of pregnancy allows it.

The author of such legislative initiative, Sid Miller, noted that the procedure would make the pregnant fully understand all aspects and possible consequences of the abortion. The opponents of the new law are convinced that watching the ultrasound image of the fetus should worsen the emotional state of women who inevitably experience stress connected with the abortion.

Texas authorities who were against the adoption of the law failed to introduce a number of amendments to the document. In particular, there was a suggestion that, in case the woman refused to have the abortion, the tuition fee of the future child would be paid from the state budget.

The new law has already been approved by both the upper and the lower houses of Parliament of the State of Texas and will come into force as soon as the state governor signs the document.

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