Dieting Before Conception Bad for the Baby

The health of the future baby is determined by not only what the mother eats during pregnancy, but her diet long before conception as well.

This was proved by the Danish researchers from Aarhus University during the experiments on animals. The researchers had been forcing the mice to a low-protein diet for ten weeks before mating. While the mice were bearing their offsprings, they received their usual diet. The mousekins were born underweight and had an increased sensitivity to insulin which in the future could lead to a highly probable problem with type 2 diabetes. Also, it is proved that sensitivity to insulin often causes obesity in males.

The scientists believe that the results of the experiment may be relevant for people as well, though with some precaution. At least, when examining the influence of nutrition on the health of a future baby, the doctors obtained the same results from studying mice and human beings. That is why the women who are planning a child in the future are recommended not to stick to a strict diet for at least a few months before the alleged conception.

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