Eating Low Fat Food Leads to Weight Gain

A new study conducted by the American Psychological Association together with the experts and scientists from Purdue University has shown that synthetic fat substitutes, commonly used, for instance, in the production of potato chips, contribute to weight gain in the women who regularly use them, and greatly increase the risk of obesity.

According to the data obtained by the experts, such substances may be a cause of adverse changes in the process of metabolism.

As explained by one of the leading authors of the study, professor of philosophy and psychology, Susan Swithers, there is an opinion that products which contain fat substitutes are designed to help cope with the problem of excess weight and to remove those extra pounds. But in fact, it is totally different. According to Dr. Swithers, these substances can affect the body’s ability to regulate food consumption and ultimately lead to the inefficient use of calories and weight gain.

During the experiment, the researchers watched laboratory rats, some of which were fed with high-fat food, while others, on the contrary, received low-fat products. Half of the rodents in each of these two groups were also given high-calorie potato chips and crisps that have been claimed as a low-calorie product on the basis of olestra fat substitute. It turned out that the rats fed with potato chips, even those which contained no fat, gained weight faster, and it did not disappear even after removing chips from the diet.

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