Get Rid of Defected Genes

A girl who will never get sick with breast cancer was born in the clinic of London’s University College Hospital. Her parents and doctors have taken all possible measures to avoid this disease.

Three generations of women in her father’s family had the defective gene and got ill with cancer after the age of 20. The scientists say that the women with this gene may develop breast cancer with a probability of 50% to 80%.

The embryos resulting from artificial insemination were subjected to genetic analysis. As a result, the mother received the embryo without the defective gene – the so-called BRCA 1 which is responsible for inheriting the risk of breast cancer.

Thus, the British couple was the first pair who could adjust the genetics of their unborn baby. As a result, subsequent generations of this family will get rid of genetic predisposition to this tumor.

According to the attending physician Paul Serhal from University College Hospital in London, there is no guarantee that the child will never have breast cancer because this disease can develop without any hereditary predisposition. However, the scientists have thus managed to significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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