Hotels for Snorers

In addition to smoking and non-smoking rooms, hotels offer rooms for snorers and for people with troubled sleep. The Crowne Plaza hotel chain already has special rooms which absorb the sounds of snoring, and the night patrol knocks at the doors of those visitors who snore too loudly.

The hotel has also opened special “quiet rooms” for people with light and troubled sleep. For those who suffer from insomnia, the walls of the rooms and the head of the bed have special soundproofing. And in the closets of “quiet rooms” one can find pillows, which effectively protect from the sound of snoring, as well as the special equipment which extinguishes the sounds of snoring.

Meanwhile, the doctors remind that snoring is not a funny disease. It can and must be fought with more radical metgods than a patch on the nose. Snoring is caused by partial blockage of the upper respiratory tract and can lead to serious consequences, such as cardiovascular diseases. Hotels for snorers have already been opened in Europe.

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