Milk Truck to Help Breastfeeding Mothers

The idea of milk delivery for moms with babies was conceived by a breastfeeding mom Jill Miller. Though she may have overdone it a bit with her image of a huge nippled boob, the Milk Truck can make the lives of socially active mothers easier. There are too many places in the city where you can’t – or find it pretty uncomfortable for good reasons – feed the baby. Public spaces, shopping malls, restaurants, social events are out of bounds, but the baby doesn’t know it. Neither does it need to, if the Milk Truck catches on.Miller is using the pledge site Kickstarter to raise the necessary funding of $10,000. Meanwhile Pittsburgh moms will be able to avail themselves of the helpful truck during the Andy Warhol Museum’s 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial (September 26 to December 10). The truck will be running for several hours, its location and route available online. It may be a usual sight at concerts and sporting events soon, furnishing comfy nursing space for those who prefer to take the baby along everywhere.

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