Simple Weight Loss Technique That Always Works

I know what you are thinking. I too tried Coitus Interruptus as a newly wed and it didn't work, my elder daughter is testimony to the technique's pitfall...No! No pun intended!

But Dietus Interruptus, a weight control technique that I Al Gored, certainly does.

Like its more lewd counterpart, Dietus interruptus sounds challenging, because it involves interrupting something pleasurable, but seriously, who would equate the two pleasures?

Dietus Interruptus is definitely the easier of the two 'interrupts,' besides being the more effective.

If you haven't guessed already, Dietus Interrupuss involves interrupting your meal, usually to complete an unfinished household chore. I will get into the finer points of the technique later, but first for some science.

One reason why we over-eat is because while eating there is a lag between the amount of food that we have eaten and the corresponding feeling of satiation. By the time you feel full, you are way too full!

The problem is compounded when you are eating carbs because they usually don't involve much chewing.

Before I go any further, let me back track in time.

During the second half of last year, I shed nearly 30lb in 6 months, and have successfully maintained my weight since then.

I didn't use Dietus Interruptus, or DI - since you are probably as fed up of the pseudo latin mumbo jumbo as I am - for shedding my weight, just a high protein diet.

Once down to my desired weight I had no problem maintaining it.

I faced a challenge early this year when my wife had to go and stay with my daughter for five months doing granny duties. Besides managing the house all by myself, I had to cook and serve my own food.

Household work - as the ladies already know, but some men never find out - is tiring and can stir up an appetite.

Here is how the problem with the household work generated appetite gets aggravated.

It's hard to cooks single helpings, besides food tends to be most delicious immediately after it has been cooked.

Cooking your food and then laying it on a table to eat it when you are all by yourself seems like a pretty dumb thing to do, considering you would be generating more work for yourself, not to mention more load for the dishwasher.

Splitting the food into two helpings, putting one in the fridge to have at a later time, also appears lame.

Let us just say, the temptation to eat all the freshly cooked food is great. The overriding thought is - screw weight gain, it's a lot easier this way.

This is where DI comes in handy.

Start eating your freshly cooked food, but half way through the meal look around for an unfinished household chores. You will see one almost immediately, and when that happens tell yourself that you will return to your meal after quickly finishing the chore.

Chances are, when you do finish your chore you won't feel like finishing the meal. The idea of putting the leftover in the fridge will appear a lot more appealing.

That's DI for you.

DI is drastic technique. There are easier ways of allowing your hunger pangs to subside.

Take your time eating your meal - chew your food, indulge in dinner table talk, or flip through a magazine while eating if you are alone.

Take hot soup, which is not cream based, before your main meal. It does not contain many calories, but takes a while to consume, allowing your body's feedback mechanism to kick in. Chose a broth or tomato based soup.

You can alternate or combine soup with salad before a meal.

IYou are welcome to try your own variation of DI and if you find it effective share it with the readers by posting a comment.

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