Tooth Health Helps Get Pregnant

Australian scientists have found that the girls, who are planning to get pregnant, must be especially careful maintaining oral hygiene in order to increase the likelihood of successful conception.

According to the results of a series of recent studies, problems with teeth and gums can have a negative impact on female fertility. Thus, the women who had gum diseases required on average two more months to get pregnant than the girls who did not have such problems.

The experiment conducted by the scientists from the University of Western Australia, in Perth, shows that it took the ladies, who were brushing their teeth and using dental floss regularly, approximately five months for the conception, while those women who were not so careful in following the rules of oral hygiene needed about seven months to get pregnant. According to Professor Roger Hart, the leading author of the study, it proves that the women who want to become mothers, should necessarily consult their dentist.

The doctors explain the connection between women’s tooth health and their fertility by the fact that periodontal disease leads to the accumulation of a huge number of different pathogens in the mouth. These pathogens cause bad breath and may spread all over the body due to bleeding gums. As a result, other inflammatory reactions may start, and that will have a negative impact on the process of implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

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