Muscular Dystrophy Can Be Treated

That is the way the doctors have called a new invention that helps to cure muscular dystrophy. This is a hereditary disease which leads to muscle atrophy. People with this disorder also suffer from cardiovascular, osteo-articular, and mental illnesses. Patients with Duchenne dystrophy have their dystrophin protein damaged.

The drug, called “scalpel“, has already been tested by 19 children. The study has shown that the medication helps to remove the damage and restore the production of dystrophin.

Duchenne dystrophy affects one in 3,500 babies. When the baby starts to grow up, its muscles do not get strengthened, but are exhausted instead. And by the age of 10 years, the child is forced to use a wheelchair.

Professor Francesco Muntoni, the leader of the experiment, confirms the success of the operation saying that the production of dystrophin has been restored in seven out of 19 children. However, they all received the largest dose. The best result the doctors have achieved was 20% of the normal rate of dystrophin. However, there is a problem. The researchers have developed “scalpel” relying on a certain mutation, so it will help not all, but only 13% of patients.

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