Pregnant Woman Was Told by Doctors She Had Miscarried

Pregnant Woman Miscarried

Chelsea Muff will never forget how she was bearing her third baby. Nobody would, if they were first told they had miscarried and booked for the operation and in two weeks learned they were still with a baby. And Chelsea Muff has only herself to thank for saving the life of the fetus. She is now in her third month and feeling dizzy and stunned after what she had gone through.

When the 32-year-old mother of two children was scanned at Bradford Royal Infirmary she was told that she had had a miscarriage, upon which doctors gave her tablets that were to stimulate immediate labor. She was also booked for an operation in two weeks’ time.

Miss Muff felt so carried off her feet by the announcement that she found it hard to take it in. While she was coming to terms with her alleged miscarriage she decided not to take the tablets.

When the time for the operation came she was still numbed and realized she wouldn’t be able to face it. Instead of turning up for the operation she called the Infirmary and made arrangements for another scan, not telling them that she hadn’t been operated on.

What’s more, she was still displaying many symptoms of being pregnant and kept on gaining weight; so she thought she might as well take another chance of clearing up the situation.

Meanwhile Miss Muff read up on the subject and discovered that all the women who miscarried had internal scans, whereas she hadn’t. She made up her mind to have a second scan made and an internal one afterwards. But there was no need for it – her second scan revealed that her baby was alive and well!

The unfortunate mother says she is very happy to have kept the child, but she can’t shake off misgivings – “If they made a mistake the first time they could make another one and maybe got the second scan wrong,” she shares. “I am quite disgusted by the way the hospital have dealt with it.” She had no calls from the hospital to ensure of her well-being and see her through the ordeal.

Now Miss Muff takes it very carefully and spares herself any strain, but she is overwrought.

According to a spokesman for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Miss Muff’s case is being investigated by the hospital. The Foundation Trust voiced its sympathy for the confused woman and is going to check up on the progress of her pregnancy and discuss the hurtful issues she had encountered.

Miss Muff’s two previous children are Corey, 14, and Destiny, 11.

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