Parents Give Money to Their Children

Keeping mum is a costly game or moms and dads, as the findings of a recent study commissioned by Sheila’s Wheels reveal. British parents have been found to be paying a hefty yearly sum to their offspring to avoid leaking of something they would rather conceal.

It emerged that every year children receive approximately 83 requests not to divulge various bits of information that came their way, supported by more than £1,400 payoff. Parents seeking to ensure safety of their secrets – in many cases from the other parent – are ready to stump up £27 weekly, either in treats or in cash.

Most often it is the innocuous secret of a gift for an occasion that is supposed to be a surprise, but in 5% of cases children are called upon to aid and abet in breaking the law.

Some of these attempts are clearly meant to preserve peace in the family, like paying hush money for buying something expensive or breaking something at home, but 8% turn out to be “home criminals” who violated the rule set by their partner.

A popular way to bribe a child is buying them things like consoles and gadgets that eats up £176.80 yearly. Clothes are another common bribe costing the average parent over £150, including shoes and trainers (over £140). The same sum goes for fun activities.

Cash investments in the secret-keeping services come to £114.40, making children quite highly-paid members of the family if they play along.

Top Ten Secrets That Earn Kids Good Money

  1. 55% conceal a gift they intend to be a surprise
  2. 26% conceal their age to be eligible for a price reduction
  3. 22% lie to be able to sit up later than they are supposed to
  4. 16% don’t want their partner to know they gorged themselves on sweets or junk food
  5. 13% want their extravagant buy to stay secret
  6. 9% lie to gain entrance to an age restricted movie
  7. 8% breached a home agreement and try to hide it
  8. 7% don’t want the other half to know they have broken something
  9. 5% can get into hot water for breaking the law
  10. 3% try to pretend it wasn’t them who damaged the car.

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