Dermophil Launches Caring Lip Balm for Children

Caring Lip Balm for Children
Autumn has come, and winter is still coming – that is the time when the skin, including lips, needs a particularly careful treatment.

The Dermophil brand is now taking care about the comfort and beauty of not only adults, but children as well. The new product presented by Dermophil is a new “delicious” lip balm, which is designed for children aged four to twelve years. This means protects the delicate skin of the lips, nourishes and moisturizes it, preventing desiccation, and includes 94% of natural ingredients. The formula includes the butter of sesame, sunflower, jojoba and poppy. One can also select the flavors of tangerine, banana or pineapple.

The new children’s balm produced by the Dermophil brand costs about $7.

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