Dumb-Bell Cutlery Collection

Bell Cutlery Collection
Do you want to lose weight, eating a juicy steak? Special Dumb-Bell Cutlery in the form of dumbbells will help to keep fit during the meal.Knives and forks produced by Dumb-Bell Cutlery can be an interesting solution for the people who are overweight. These utensils not only look like a dumbbell, they are dumbbells, in fact! A fork and a knife weigh 1 kg each and a dessert spoon weighs even more – up to 2 kg. Just try to overeat with such cutlery!

The point here is that while eating the main course, one will need both a knife and a spoon, while for dessert just a spoon would be enough.

This set of cutlery was made by hand, so it costs $170 dollars. One can also choose to buy only a knife and a fork for $120 dollars or a dessert spoon for $70.

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