New Anti-Bullying Laws

New Anti-Bullying Laws
The idea broached by Lady Gaga to work out new anti-bullying laws in response to the tragic death of Jamey Rodemeyer, a New York schoolboy who committed suicide last week, have been seconded strongly by singer Ricky Martin.

The story of a boy who failed to live down his classmates’ ongoing jabs aimed at his sexuality made national news and drew heated responses from those two pop stars, who tweeted their shock and pain over the tragic death.

Ricky Martin even symbolically changed his main Twitter image for a screenshot from Rodemeyer’s YouTube video entitled It Gets Better which was uploaded by the 14-year-old school kid in May when he was doing his best to withstand the homosexuality bullying. Martin’s appeal in Spanish to his almost 4 million followers asked how many lives people will agree to lose before they take measures “to finally stop the harassment, hatred, bigotry, abuse?” and bore the tag “#BULLYING #MakeALawForJamey.”

The singer claims to be proud of his homosexual nature, although he admitted to being gay only last year after a lengthy sparring with the media over his own sexual preferences.

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