Prevents Speech Delay in Child

Prevents Speech Delay in Child
The children, whose mothers did not take folic acid in early pregnancy, have serious problems after birth with delays in speech development. Such a conclusion has been made by the scientists from Columbia University (New York).
Dear pregnant women! There is another reason not to ignore doctors’ prescriptions about taking folic acid during the periods of conceiving and carrying a baby. The scientists have already proved that folic acid reduces the risk of certain birth defects.
And now we have a new research which involved 40 000 women. They were asked what vitamin supplements they had been taking as early as 4 weeks before the conception and during 8 weeks after it. Three years later, the same women had to deal with the tests about the development of their children.
It turned out that if the mother had taken folic acid during the described period, the delay of speech had been observed only in four cases per thousand children. And the babies of those mothers, who had not been taking folic acid, had nine cases of delay in speech development per thousand.
The scientists from Columbia University claim that folic acid should be taken by all women of reproductive age. That is why in the U.S. and Canada, most grain products are enriched with folic acid so that most pregnant women could have an opportunity to receive this important ingredient.
Recent studies prove once again that folic acid plays a very important role in the development of infants, whose health begins to be formed at the earliest stages of their mother’s pregnancy.

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