Woman Gave Birth After Marathon Race

Woman Gave Birth
Clearly Amber Miller, 27, didn’t consider her pregnancy a good enough reason not to participate in a marathon race – and may have even found it to be an additional stimulation to win. The fact that she was 39 weeks into pregnancy proved no deterrent either.
Neither must she have thought that immediately upon completing the Chicago Marathon she would be called upon to give birth to her child… But that’s exactly what happened.
Amber seemed to have completed the 26.2-mile stretch with no trouble at all, having outran her less burdened husband Joe Miller by a long chalk (she came 34,339th against his finishing 34,997th).
Her participation moved the audience to root for her with cries “Go pregnant lady” until she crossed the finish line, upon which feat she sat down to bite at her sandwich – but never finished it due to the onset of labors. She was whisked to the Central DuPage Hospital and delivered herself of daughter June, supposedly the first baby to ever have run a marathon!
June is the second child to the athletic Miller family.

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