World’s Heaviest Newborns

Heaviest Newborns
An infant weighing 7.3 kg was born in July 2011 in the USA. The birth by caesarean section took place in Longview Clinic, Texas.

The parents of the newborn – Janet Johnson and Michael Brown – decided to name the boy JaMichael. JaMichael is Janet’s fourth child.

During her pregnancy, the doctors warned the woman that the baby would be big. However, the weight of the boy at birth exceeded their expectations by almost 2 pounds. Such impressive size of the newborn was caused by gestational diabetis which Janet had developed during pregnancy.

According to the doctors, the giant baby is now safe, but he will need an additional medical examination because of high blood sugar levels.

“I cannot believe that he is so huge. We bought a lot of children’s clothes, and now we need to give them back because they are too small for him,” Janet told the reporters.

There were no diapers of the suitable size for JaMichael in Longview Clinic.

However, the weight of the newborn boy in Texas is not a record. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s largest viable baby (a boy) was born in 1955 in Italy. His weight was 10.2 kg.

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