Flu - Protect Your Children From Flu and Cold

Protect Your Children From Flu
Why should children be protected from influenza? First of all, they suffer particularly much from it, and various complications may occur against the background of frequent colds, thus leading to a chronic disease.

Why Do Children Get Sick So Often?

The reason why children are very often ill is explained by the typical of their age imperfect immune and anatomical and physiological mechanisms which should protect the child’s body from respiratory viruses. Secondly, it is children that bring flu viruses from kindergarten or school. The incidence of flu in children is 5-7 times higher than in the case of adults. The standard scheme of getting infection looks as follows – parents get infected from their ill child, and then they are followed by grandparents. If at least one link in the family is protected from the flu, the incidence decreases significantly.

How Often Can a Kid Get Sick?

Still, colds in children are inevitable. According to pediatricians, a kid may be ill with various colds 6-8 times a year, and it will be within normal limits. Another issue is that prevention and strengthening of children’s organism should make illnesses not too frequent and as mild as possible.

5 Flu and Cold Prevention Tips

  1. Observe the rules of hygiene. Contrary to a popular belief, the flu, SARS, etc. are not only airborne, but are also transmitted via handshaking or a towel.
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Everyone knows what that means, but not all follow this rule. Meanwhile, the conditions and way of life in 55% of cases determine our health, and genetic factors are only responsible for 5-10%.
  3. Strengthen the immune system. In autumn and winter, you should regularly take multivitamin complexes.
  4. Take preventive measures. Many doctors recommend vaccination as a kind of protection. If, for some reason, you are not going to get the vaccine, you must use non-specific measures: folk remedies and immunostimulants.
  5. Demonstrate awareness. If you do get sick, reduce your contacts to a minimum and get your treatment at home. Thus you will not infect your colleagues and neighbors, and the complications will not be so likely to occur.

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