Chance of Getting Pregnant Depends on Man’s Age

Getting Pregnant Depends on Man’s Age
It has been finally proved that it is not only women, who should be hasty in the question of conception and pregnancy. The stronger sex has the same problem. Their biological clock also says tick-tock.
The researchers have found that men have sharply reduced chances of becoming fathers after 41 years. There were cases when men had babies at the age of 60 as well as after 70 years, but most of them can be treated as the unusual ones.
For a few years, the professionals, who made these conclusions, had been examining the patients undergoing the IVF procedure of extracorporeal fertilization with donor ovules. In this case, the donor ovules were taken only from healthy young women, so any differences in the further course of the process depended on the quality of men’s sperm.
The results of the study are disappointing for men over 41 years. It is at this age that the fertility of men is annually reduced by 7%. It goes on till 45 years this way, and at the age of 45, the rate decreases rapidly. If the chances of 41-year-old men to have a baby are 60%, 45-year-olds have the chance of no more than 35%.
It turns out that men also have the so-called biological clock. It is certainly not the same as that of women. But the research shows that men cannot be equally fertile throughout their life. And it is worth remembering, especially when it comes to the 40th anniversary.
Other studies also do not encourage late fatherhood. For example, there is evidence that the children, whose fathers are of the older age, have the increased risk of heart defects, schizophrenia, and epilepsy. Of course, one should not panic because male sperm has the ability to renew, and not all older fathers have unhealthy babies. And for the conception, the health of the ovule is most important.
However, doctors still advise to monitor the quality of sperm. To do this, one needs to eat right, not to smoke, to drink alcohol in moderation, to have an active lifestyle, and to avoid taking hot baths since sperm likes cool temperatures. And do not postpone parenthood until later!

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