Common Cold During Pregnancy

Common Cold During Pregnancy
Expectant mothers are trying hard not to get sick during pregnancy, but, unfortunately, not all of them are successful. Here are some expert tips to help you recover quickly and without any harm for the baby.
Some medicines may contain the substances that are potentially hazardous to the embryo development. The doctors advise to limit the use of a wide range of medicines during pregnancy. Over-the-counter drugs may contain up to six components that relieve the symptoms of cough, a runny nose, a headache, etc. Choose the drugs that contain the ingredients which remove only your specific symptom.
Also here are some tips for pregnant women about how to cure the common cold:
  • Avoid decongestants in early pregnancy (oral taking). They are associated with the increased risk of abdominal wall defects in the fetus. Isotonic solutions in the form of a nasal spray are a good alternative.
  • Some medicines contain herbal ingredients that have not undergone testing for use during pregnancy. Study the composition of the medicine carefully and address your physician for advice.
  • Do not get too involved in taking the sprays that relieve pain in the throat. They often contain much sugar. Candies may contain zinc and vitamin C, but pregnant women are allowed to take only limited daily doses (80-100 mg of vitamin C and 11 mg of zinc).
  • Ensure that cough syrup does not contain alcohol.

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