Dieting Tips For Men

Dieting Tips For Men
If your family dreams of having children, you should pay attention to such factors as your husband’s diet. The experts say that sperm quality can greatly increase the chances of vconception, and to improve its quality, one should follow certain rules of healthy eating.
The decrease in sperm concentration is caused by poor nutrition and obesity. These factors also affect the motility of sperm. Proper diet makes pregnancy much more likely.
Fruits and grains are an important component of men‘s nutrition, which increases the quality of sperm. But one should avoid red meat, coffee and alcohol.
The so-called “male factor” is currently very important in the treatment of infertility. Previously it was thought that almost everything depended on the woman, and the inability to conceive was often associated with obesity, smoking, and alcohol. Now, it seems that the same requirements should be presented to both partners.
The researchers insist that the sperm concentration is negatively influenced by such factors as body mass index and alcohol consumption. A positive effect on the concentration and motility of the sperm is observed after consuming grains, as well as practicing split meals (when the number of meals per day increases, and the size of the dishes gets smaller). This has been proved by the leading IVF researcher Edson Borges, working in Sao Paulo, as well as his colleagues in the UK. He studied 250 men, who had passed the IVF procedure. The results were encouraging! A diet with a lot of fruits and grains increases the chances of conception because the quality of sperm is improved by more than 40%.

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