Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercising During Pregnancy
Exercise during pregnancy is aimed at helping to strengthen the muscle groups, which have a greater burden during childbirth. Right exercises also contribute to the formation of proper breathing and improve circulation.

Why Should Pregnant Women Exercise?

With regular physical activity during pregnancy, the level of endorphins increases, and they operate as natural analgesics in the body. Besides, regular moderate exercise helps the body recover faster after childbirth.

How to Start Pregnancy Exercising Correctly?

Of course, it is better to startphysical exercising before rather than during pregnancy in order to keep fit with the help of simple exercises while being in a family way. But, of course, you can start a new kind of physical activity during pregnancy after consulting the doctor.

What Sports to Choose during Pregnancy?

You can practice yoga and attend aerobics classes for pregnant women, but on condition that the program activities have been developed by a qualified instructor and are approved by the obstetrician-gynecologist, who observes you during pregnancy. Thus, you will rule out the occurrence of complications or their provocation.
Swimming has a particularly positive effect on the body during pregnancy. It is known that water soothes and relaxes. Since the weight of the body in water decreases, the growing fetus and the uterus become easier, so the pain in the back decreases, as well as the pressure on the joints.

Aqua Aerobics and Other Water Exercising during Pregnancy

Moderate swimming or aqua-aerobic exercises normalize blood flow, facilitate the blood flow to the heart, which has a beneficial influence on the pregnant woman in case of an increase in blood pressure. During the exercise, there is outflow of tissue fluid into the bloodstream, and then excess liquid is removed through kidneys, which decreases swelling. In addition, resistance to movement is 12 times higher in water, so the training of muscle fibers and joints is more intense, but the necessary sparing regimen is preserved, which, by the way, does not cause the increase of the body temperature.

4 Tips for Pregnant Women Going for Water Fitness

Generally recommended exercises in water usually mean orderly swimming for half an hour. They are just as effective and safe as the classes of aqua-aerobics or aqua-yoga under the supervision of an instructor, who has much experience in fitness programs for pregnant women. Also, one should always remember the traditional advice given by coaches and doctors:
  • The optimal water temperature for the classes should be about 27-29° C because warmer water temperatures are harmful to the fetus.
  • One needs to drink clean water before and after these exercises, because moisture is lost during any aerobic exercises, even in the pool.
  • The planned expenditure of energy needs to be compensated, so one should better plan a meal 1 hour before the class.
  • You should watch yourself carefully during a workout, because cool water extinguishes the sense of being tired which can contribute to fatigue.
As for the optimal level of physical activity, you should consult an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist.

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