Pregnancy Heartburn

Pregnancy Heartburn
Many pregnant women suffer from heartburn. In this article, we shall try to tell you how you can deal with heartburn and why it occurs.

What Causes Heartburn in Pregnant Women?

Heartburn during the period of early pregnancy is associated with the gastrin hormone, which controls gastric secretion and has special receptors in the cerebral cortex. Elevated level of the gastrin hormone in the body is a person’s genetic feature. During pregnancy, gastric secretion may be increased, and heartburn will be the result of it.
Another reason is that mother and fetus are connected with an umbilical cord. The fetus produces gastrin, which makes the pregnant woman increase the production of gastric secretion. In this case, there also appears heartburn.
When having heartburn, it is necessary to:
  • maintain frequent split meals
  • avoid such foods as onions, garlic, sauces, fatty and spicy foods
  • change the heat treatment of foods that cause heartburn.

Foods Causing Heartburn

Heartburn may also appear after eating such innocuous products as meat, chicken broth, and cabbage. At the same time, lemon is not the cause of heartburn.

Heartburn Treatment

To treat heartburn, antacid medicine is used. But the medication should be prescribed by a doctor. Therefore, if the fit of heartburn is very strong, you should ask for professional help.

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