Teenage Son Become a Girl

The Maines twins were born identical boys, but before long their lives swerved apart so drastically that now they are living as brother and sister.
When brothers Wyatt and Jonas were getting on to four, Wyatt began to show his preference for dolls; he also loved donning girls’ clothes and high heels and walk about the house like this.
No-one paid much attention to that until the day when Wyatt stepped out dressed in his mother’s shoes and a sequined shirt. His parents wanted to know then if he felt comfortable in that kind of clothes and got an affirmative reply, according to the Boston Globe. Brother Jonas also told his dad that he’d better accept his brother as a girl and daughter.
It was an idea that didn’t sink in at once. Father, Wayne Maines, had been dreaming of handing down his passion for hunting to his sons and couldn’t wait until he would take them out to the Maine woods and hunt deer together. He admitted to the ABCNews that he fretted over the transition and felt as if he was “losing a son.”
Deciding to live with it, the Maines held a family council when the children turned nine, explaining to them the meaning of freedom, but also about fear, evil and hate that may also become part of their lives.
Other lessons their father taught them were to walk through life with integrity and pride taking care of one another and staying loyal to their friends.
The parents went on to engage help of the Children’s Hospital Gender Management Services Clinic that offers ground-breaking services for teaching parents how to handle a transgender child and recognize his or her emotional and medical difficulties.
Now, at 14, Wyatt is definite that his is a girl’s life. She is known as Nicole and acts like a sister to his brother Jonas. She says she has always been looking on herself as a girl and it makes her “cringe” whenever she thinks of being a boy.
The only thing Nicole lacks is having a female body and she means to get it! She needs a body “that matches up to my image of myself’’ and intends to undergo gender reassignment surgery as soon as she can.
Teenage Son Become a Girl
In the common course of events such a surgery isn’t performed before the applicant turns 18; moreover, in New England where the Maines family lives there are no hospitals that do that kind of operation. It will be either Montreal or Philadelphia for Nicole to finally realize her wish. Meanwhile she is half excited, half anxious about the possible pain and the outcome of the surgery.

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