Victoria Beckham Wearing High Heels Until the Last Days of Pregnancy

Victoria Beckham Wearing High Heels Until the Last Days of  Pregnancy
Victoria Beckham used to wear studded heels until the last days of each pregnancy, so more and more pregnant women follow her example today. But is it safe?
Podiatrists are unanimous: there should be a resolute ‘no’ to the heels! From the first day of diagnosed pregnancy, one should choose “orthopedic” types of shoes, such as sneakers with comfortable shock-absorbing soles, which smooth the way the body shakes while walking. High heels have a negative impact on the joints of the legs, the spine, and the uterus! Walking on high heels certainly increases the risk of edema, varicose veins, and leg pain. Moreover, irreversible changes in the joints can appear because of the sharply increasing weight during the second half of pregnancy. The pregnancy will be over, while the back pain and osteoarthritis of the knee will remain.
You will not be able to control the change of the center of gravity, when the belly will increase greatly, and the confidence in your stability will be reduced. At the same time, the likelihood of falls will increase even in the shoes without heels. You still cannot not feel all these inconveniences, simply because you have not gained much weight, and your figure has not changed much. Soon you will feel it all, so you’d better take care of your health in advance.
Finally, the main purpose of high heels – a beautiful silhouette and gait – becomes something unattainable at the later stages of pregnancy, and this advantage becomes totally perverted. Imagine a waddling “duck” walk of a pregnant woman with her back sharply drawn backwards to keep the center of gravity… and she is wearing high heels.
Vicki could not resist wearing studded heels even during the fourth pregnancy. The result was severe pain in her back, because of which she had to reduce her activity. After the birth of her daughter, she could not even stand during the first few weeks. However, two months later the incorrigible Vicki put on her studded shoes, took the newborn in her arms and went shopping.
The main problem is in the fact that many pregnant women might find this tendency very attractive. All the stars are doing it, after all! We hope that the unhealthy trend will come to naught.

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