Wi-Fi Radiation Affects Male Fertility

Wi-Fi Radiation Affects Male
The interrelation of a man and his computer has been the subject of suspicious scrutiny for almost its whole history, and as time passes it accumulates further facts and details on the PC’s nefarious influence on the health of its owner. The latest study on this appeared in the Fertility and Sterility journal.t deals with Argentinean scientists’ research with semen. They took samples from 29 healthy men and enacted a situation when a man browses the Internet with a Wi-Fi connection holding his laptop on the knees. After 4 hours of keeping the semen samples under a downloading laptop they registered the following changes: when out of the computer’s vicinity 14% of semen stops swimming around, whereas with the semen placed under the computer it’s 25%, the temperature being the same in both cases. DNA damage registered three percent in Wi-Fi influence-free samples and nine in the samples within the Wi-Fi radiation zone. Researchers are sure that the devastation caused by the Electromagnetic radiation during wireless communication upon the male semen is too great to be ignored. They further placed semen samples under Wi-Fi connected laptops and laptops without wireless Internet access – and got the same result.
It goes to corroborate urologists’ research showing that the temperature of the scrotum of a man balancing a Wi-Fi connected laptop on his knees for a considerable period of time rises to a degree that is detrimental for his reproductive capability.
Nowadays the statistics for the US show that almost 16% of couples are struggling with conceiving problems with the man’s fertility being at fault in 50% of those. The journal also referred to the fact that a diet primarily consisting of fruit and grains and excluding great quantities of red meat, coffee and alcohol increases a man’s chances of getting his partner pregnant and can therefore be regarded as an effective fertility stimulator.

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