Woman Gives Natural Birth to a 13-lb

Woman Gives Natural Birth to a 13-lb
A Berlin family has experienced “a major addition”. The baby, who was born last weekend, weighs 6 kg (13,2 lbs). The delivery was a trial not only for the mom, but for the doctors as well. It is the first time in Germany that such a big baby has been born without a caesarean section.
The doctors insisted on a surgery, especially since the woman in labor was 40 years old, weighed 240 kg and suffered from gestational diabetes. However, the brave mother not only refused to give birth in any other way, except the natural one, but she did not even try to change her habits before delivery (the woman used to eat about a kilogram of sweets each day) and would “ease” the contractions with chocolates.
Nevertheless, she gave birth to a baby without any problems. And it is not surprising since it is her 14th child.

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